Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our girls are ready to meet us

I'm a little behind on posting.  To get everyone caught up........

Around 1:15am on Monday, December 5th my water broke.  Laurel decided that she was ready to meet us (which meant Clara didn't really have a choice).  Since I was only 33 weeks, my doctor tried to stop my contractions.  Everything was going good until about noon.  My contractions started getting closer together and a lot more painful.  A decision was made to perform a c-section at 3:00.  Laurel was born at 3:33pm and Clara followed at 3:35pm.  Heath and I were so excited to meet our beautiful, healthy daughters! 
Laurel Kate Mann
4lbs 7oz
17 inches long

Clara Jane Mann
4lbs 12oz
18.5 inches long

As I was in recovery, Heath went with the doctors to take the girls to NICU.  Since they were 7 weeks early they needed a little help learning to eat, maintain temperature, and remembering to breath (kind of important stuff!!).  They were never on a ventilator of any kind, but their breathing was monitored to maintain their oxygen levels.  After recovery I was wheeled to NICU to see my sweet girls. 
First picture with Laurel 

First picture with Clara

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