Thursday, September 22, 2011

18.5 Week Ultrasound

Heath and I had an appointment with Dr. Newman (my regular OB).  The babies are growing so fast!  The ultrasound went great!  They were able to confirm that we are having 2 girls.  They measured arms, legs, head, heart, etc.  Everything looks great so far.  The babies have gained a little weight in the past few weeks!!  When we went to the High Risk doctor at 15 weeks they both weighed 4 oz.  Today one weighed 10 oz and the other was 9 oz.  They said that is a couple of days ahead of where they should be, but nothing to worry about.  They would rather them be a little farther ahead than behind in weight. 

I have now gained 11 pounds.  My "bump" is just now really starting to show.  :)  We have decided to cut back on my trips to the High Risk doctor because everything seems to be progressing so well.  So, I have my next appointment with Dr. Newman in 4 weeks.  Time is going by so fast and we have so much to do before these little girls get here.

Ultrasounds 18.5 Weeks:

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